Multimodal Tourism Data Challenge

After the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and earthquakes in Morocco, the role of tourism has gained immense significance. Recognizing this pivotal role, we are excited to introduce a data challenge aimed at fostering the promotion of the tourism industry in Morocco. We invite enthusiasts to participate in this initiative and propose innovative methods for web scraping and evaluating collected data using various models and applications.

The tourism sector thrives on informed decisions, superior customer experiences, and streamlined operations, all powered by data and AI advancements. Picture AI-driven recommendation systems customizing travel suggestions based on individual preferences and behaviors. Think of AI-powered chatbots offering real-time assistance to travelers, handling queries, and facilitating bookings, revolutionizing customer service. Imagine the impact of AI analyzing images and videos, effortlessly organizing visual content related to tourist hotspots, enriching tourism platforms’ searchability and engagement.

Challenge Objective:

The primary objective of this challenge is to leverage data and AI innovation to promote and advance Morocco’s tourism industry. Participants are encouraged to showcase their expertise in web scraping by collecting multimodal tourism data. Participants have the flexibility to evaluate a single type of data (such as text, audio, or image) or combine two or three types of datasets. They are further invited to propose innovative applications based on these datasets, exploring the synergies between different data modalities. The combination of multiple types of data is seen as advantageous, allowing for richer insights and more comprehensive applications. Whether focusing on a singular data type or integrating multiple modalities, participants are tasked with harnessing AI techniques to extract insights, develop models, and create applications that enhance the tourism experience. Through their submissions, participants will demonstrate pioneering approaches in analyzing multimodal data, employing AI models across various data types, and presenting actionable applications that significantly contribute to the evolution and promotion of Morocco’s tourism sector.

Data Collection Guidelines and Preprocessing:

Participants are encouraged to collect diverse multimodal data to ensure the richness and variety of the dataset. To preprocess the:

Rules of Participation:

  • Multiple individuals or entities may collaborate as a team. You may not participate on more than one Team. Each Team member must be a single individual.
  • Freely & publicly available external data is allowed.
  • Registered participants will be invited to an information session to explain the challenge in more details.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Data Quality: The richness and diversity of the collected multimodal data.
  • Data Relevance: The data’s relevance to the tourism industry, including its usefulness for travelers and businesses.
  • Documentation: Clear and comprehensive documentation of the scraping methodology, data preprocessing, the proposed application, and the model evaluation process.
  • Innovation: Creative and innovative approaches to data collection, augmentation, and evaluation are encouraged.


Special prizes will be announced very soon. The prizes will be awarded on the basis of the Jury evaluation.

Important Dates

Start Date: December 10th, 2023

Registration Deadline: Will be announced soon

Final Submission Deadline: Will be announced soon

Winners Announcement: : Will be announced soon